• What are the Network Consultant Responsibilities and Duties?

    Below are the Responsiblities of Network Consultant

    Administer work in team environment and manage an array of technical issues for all customers.

    Participate in all team meetings and provide installation and onsite support to all customers and resolve all issues effectively and within timeframe.

    Coordinate with account managers and colleagues and maintain records for all account status.

    Administer all organizational alerts, manage emergency situations and identify technical opportunities and escalate issues to management as required.


    Identify and resolve all infrastructure issues for equipments and software and monitor effective deployment of customers.


    Maintain documents for IT infrastructure and provide support to all procedures and processes.

    Prepare all user manuals for commercial deployments of networks and documents system recovery processes and ensure effective support from all personnel.

    Analyze customer requirement and coordinated with various departments to recommend effective solutions as per client expectations.

    Provide technical support to both internal and external customers and process all purchase orders and provide required input to same.

    Participate in all meetings associated with business development.


    Coordinate with consultants maintain knowledge on account status and resolve all issues.

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